I learn 2 years in a belgium horology school, then i enter in a French training school for beginning horology activity with my family. My Father is watchmaker and my mother is horology and jewellery supplies seller.

On august 2006, I have the opportunity to take over the Kalyane Diffusion Society based on Reims for more than 35 years. I make my sister Jennifer a partner in my company.


The growing company, we look for an additional premises to store our stock of ancient watch parts, and novelties.


I inaugurate in 2009 a new workshop on Tonnerre, more spacious ( 1600 sq/ft multistorey) we take more pleasures to prepare your orders and to make your researches.

Finally, on January 2011 : I create the KALYANE DIFFUSION 89* Group , including all activity, mail-order wholesaler HBJO, Elisabeth9679, watch parts for private individuals, Maison Durand, jeweller's shop, andc Ets. Prouvost, Wholesaler HBJO.

* 89 wink to my year of birth, and in the department Bourgogne.